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Learning Groups:

Designed for anyone who would like to learn a new skill, update their knowledge or try out a new activity



Fill the skills & knowledge gaps of anyone who needs to improve for whatever reason, or to save money; this could be to gain employment, for use about the home; e.g. gain handyman skills, sewing skills to save costs to undertake for example: photography, video & film making, furniture repair & restoration, make soft furnishing, re-cycling wood to make garden furniture, gardening & horticulture, managing home finances, computer re-cycling and re-configuration, basic computer and tablet skills to access local services and shopping online, more advance IT skills, using office application



The learner can chose from a variety of courses and activities, some of which take place all year round and some as specific courses. 



Some subjects are run as a 2 hour session course over 4 or 6 weeks, or as a 1 or 2 day workshop and some take place once a week all year around depending on the subject and availability. (Check out the list here)  Each subject or course will have a qualified tutor to guide the learner through the activity, there is an opportunity on some courses to take an assessment or complete a small project and obtain a certificate of achievement if required, although this is not a requirement.


Each course or subject will have the option to take an assessment Certificate of Achievement on successful completion, any learners who do not wish to take the assessment, will receive a Certificate of Attendance.


In general there are no costs for attending any of these sessions, but there may be a cost for materials used, anything created during these sessions are owned by the learners and can be taken home.


It is not a requirement to own the appropriate equipment for the activity (i.e., a computer, camera or sewing machine, as we have some to use. We are also able to advise on selecting equipment if you choose to buy yourself.

Please Note: Some of these activities are delivered by our partner organisations, check out the Partners & Sponsors page for more information.