Schemes and Projects:

We provide a person centered approach to training which gives the learner the best chance of achieving their goals. 

All new learners undergo an initial assessment so we can tailor their learning by creating a Personal Development Plan which will include different modules, some classroom or workshop based and some via on-line packages which allow the learner to work at their own pace supported by a tutor.

Our Schemes and Projects

Passport to Work Project:

This is a course which takes place over 10 weeks and includes some Essential, Practical, Employment and Soft Skills Modules. This course is fully funded and is FREE of any charge (see exception note below)

The modules schedule is being finalised and will also depend on particular course / topic demand

You can register an interest by using the form on the contact page..or click here

Improve Yourself Project: 

Designed for the person who works during the day and would like enhance the skills which they have already got to, for example, gain promotion at work, become more confident or assertive.

Back to Basics Project:

Fill the skills & knowledge gaps of anyone who needs to improve for whatever reason, or to save money; this could be to gain employment, for use about the home; e.g. gain handyman skills, sewing skills to save costs to undertake for example: furniture repair, make soft furnishing, re-cycling wood to make garden furniture, gardening, managing home finances, computer re-cycling and re-configuration, using computers and tablets to access local services and shopping online.

COST EXCEPTION: Passport to Work is free, however, there may be a small charge for materials on some modules, such as Woodwork, or Handyman